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WATANIA FOODS is one of the companies chain of SHARAF`S SON family. The history of SHARAF`S SON in milling industry goes back to 1985. They began by trading and marketing of the high quality products.


In 1995 we established ALHANA company for trading and marketing to cover the increasing of its customer. In 2010 we collected all our experiences to penetrate the big change of milling industry by establishing our private mills to guarantee the safe products with high quality


Due to the need of most multinational companies for flour in bulk. WATANIA company was pioneer to establish a fully automatic system for flour bulk load. To prevent any possibility for cross contamination and maintaining our goal of producing safe and healthy products.


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To accomplish our lofty goals, we must provide the most suitable tools, that`s why the company established the mill based on the latest that technology reached in milling industry & the facilities has been prepared for assisting in food safety goals which affect the products.